• Recommendation

    I have been ordering rings for 3 yrs. from different companies. I would like the world to know the LC is the only company that finishes the under gallery`s of their rings. They are beautiful and v...
  • Handbag

    Thank you LC. Got over 13 packages in mail...was not disappointed...love, love, love everything I got, screamed in delight every time I opened a box. Thank you Jessica my Handbag rocks!!!!! Omg...l...
  • Jewelry Collection

    Hi, I wanted to let you guys know I joined LC on Valentine`s Day and since then have ordered about 150 pieces of jewelry from you guys since then. Both through the show and auction, my children, h...
  • Price

    To all the great people at the LC! Just sending an email to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of a natural yellow diamond pendant and a Sri Lankan Sun Stone Ring. As always, you...
  • Daily Shopper

    I have shopped with the LC so much I think I could open my own jewelry store. I shop daily.
  • Recommendation

    LOVE all this jewelry!!! And the prices are like nothing I`ve ever seen. Tell all the viewers at home they must act fast because I know these pieces will be gone soon! Love this station I am a ded...
  • Recommendation

    I discovered every LC item seems to be prettier than the one b4! LC is all over my checkbook and on my speed dial! :)
  • TLV

    I received my anahi ametrine, white zircon, amethyst, citrine ring that was the TLV last week, it is beautiful, I put it on immediately and won`t be taking it off any time soon. It really is breat...
  • Price

    Thank you for your prices! I get to look classic without breaking the bank. I love you and my bank loves you!
  • Appraisals

    THAT CHAIN IS TERRIFIC!!! I have it and the bracelet. Tell your shoppers DO NOT DENY!!!! Buy Buy BUY IT!!!
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