About Us




Welcome to The Liquidation Channel, the home of Exceptional Quality, Exquisite Designs, and Outstanding Value. We offer you the chance to experience a whole new way of shopping for your jewelry, accessories, and home décor products. We auction hundreds of pieces of fine jewelry and accessories every day at prices you decide.


The Liquidation Channel brings you the best quality jewelry at the Lowest Price Guarantee!  Our parent company started out as a gemstone dealer over 30 years ago and quickly grew to be one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the world. As a matter of fact for many years we supplied many other shopping channels with their jewelry for you. That’s how we fell in love with this business and decided to create our own shopping network and that is how we can bring you the lowest price guarantee.


We have been mining, stone cutting, finishing and designing our jewelry for our customers for over twelve years. Our unique approach of combining state of the art technology with traditional highly skilled artisans means our pieces are in every sense a cut above. Our quality assurance and first class distribution ensures your jewelry arrives in perfect condition, on time, every time. That way we can guarantee the high quality of our jewelry and can pass considerable cost savings on to you.


We have a passion for gemstones and jewelry but more importantly we have a passion for value, that's why we created LC and threw out all the rules of traditional home shopping. Creating our own rules allowed us to focus on making fashion and gemstones affordable for all.


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