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I have been ordering rings for 3 yrs. from different companies. I would like the world to know the LC is the only company that finishes the under gallery's of their rings. They are beautiful and very high end looking. The majority of my rings came from u guys! I love the quality and prices the LC has. So tell everyone not to be afraid to order from the LC. The rings are fabulous! Thanks LC.
To all the great people at the LC! Just sending an email to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase of a natural yellow diamond pendant and a Sri Lankan Sun Stone Ring. As always, your items are better than described, well constructed, and priced right. I've been a faithful customer for over 4 years and will continue to purchase from the LC. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to build my jewelry collection with quality pieces at a fair price.
Hi, I wanted to let you guys know I joined LC on Valentine's Day and since then have ordered about 150 pieces of jewelry from you guys since then. Both through the show and auction, my children, husband and myself now have an awesome jewelry collection including several rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Thanks LC.
Thank you LC. Got over 13 packages in mail...was not disappointed...love, love, love everything I got, screamed in delight every time I opened a box. Thank you Jessica my Handbag rocks!!!!! Omg...love my bag, kuddos to J Francis...(screaming loud) I love my handbag!!!!!!!
I have shopped with the LC so much I think I could open my own jewelry store. I shop daily.
I received my anahi ametrine, white zircon, amethyst, citrine ring that was the TLV last week, it is beautiful, I put it on immediately and won't be taking it off any time soon. It really is breathtaking. Thank u
I discovered every LC item seems to be prettier than the one b4! LC is all over my checkbook and on my speed dial! :)
LOVE all this jewelry!!! And the prices are like nothing I've ever seen. Tell all the viewers at home they must act fast because I know these pieces will be gone soon! Love this station I am a dedicated customer. Y'all never disappoint! Xoxo
THAT CHAIN IS TERRIFIC!!! I have it and the bracelet. Tell your shoppers DO NOT DENY!!!! Buy Buy BUY IT!!!
Thank you for your prices! I get to look classic without breaking the bank. I love you and my bank loves you!
Yesterday I received my first piece of gemstone artwork. It is beautiful. The detail on the 3 dimensional reality made by the gemstone is phenomenal! If you don't own a piece of artwork like this you should add it to your list of must haves. I will definitely be adding to my collection of artwork in future. Thank you for this beautiful creation.
Traci C
I love the $1 rising auctions! I have picked up beautiful jewelry for as little as $2! This morning I "won" an amazing sterling silver bracelet for $9! It was valued at $130.00!
Thanks to the LC, I am now a jewelry Diva! I love me some LC and everyone who sees my jewelry loves it. Carlos and Maria and 2 of the best customer service reps and Rocky is a great Sup. You guys really take care of your customers. Shipping get it together!!!!!!
Please tell everyone I love wearing lc jewelry and your customer service is rnthe best. All the best
Been with the LC for 2 years, was skepticle at first until I received my first piece. I haven't slowed down yet. There is always something new & exciting being offered at the LC. ANYONE can afford this jewelry. If you live jewelry & don't have any because it's so exspensive, then your worries are over, because now you can own the jewelry of your dreams at a fraction of the price. LC the new word in affordable, beautiful & real jewelry.
I buy all the time, almost daily for over a year..always happy with the jewelry and the customer service exceeds all expectations ... I recommended The LC to everyone I know..my family had an LC Christmas this year
I have given recommendations to shop with the LC to all of my family and friends. With the excellent quality, exsquisite designs, and outstanding values you just cannot go wrong. I am truly addicted to the LC, but in a good way. ;-)
I also recommend the LC channel to everyone. I have been buying from shopping channels for about 30 years. Since I have discovered the LC they are the only channel I buy my jewelry from.
I am not full of recommendations. I send you my commendations for the good work for a company of your size. It's not easy to stay abreast of everything every day.
If I could I would buy everything. It's just wonderful here. I love this channel. Please keep up the great work and I will be shopping here for gifts and myself from now on.
Good prices, fast shipping, low price shipping, and a variety of hard to find gemstone jewelry. LC is my favorite jewelry shopping channel.
I love the LC! I enjoy the prices and low shipping. My Mom and I watch every morning when we get up and are drinking our coffee. We have been customers almost from the very start of the LC. Thanks and keep up the good work!
I watched the LC long before I decided to buy anything. I thought that jewelry at such low prices couldn't possibly be good quality. Most of my jewelry was purchased from retail jewelry stores for quality, which also meant expensive. I decided to go ahead and try buying something from LC after reading customer reviews on the internet. Needless to say I love everything I have purchased from LC.
I am very pleased with my items and wear often. I don't really see the no return for items under 200 dollars being a problem because I haven't been displeased with anything! I always tell others they are crazy for purchasing jewelry anywhere else.
I make jewelry and cannot believe how you can sell Shamballa bracelets for 9.99! I even ordered one to check quality and can tell you they are beautiful and I would never be able to sell mine for that price! I've purchased many pieces from other shopping channels with shipping always being between 5.99 to 6.99. I will never buy anything from these places again.
LC has beautiful jewelry at unbeatable prices, great customer service, and the packing by the shipping department is fantastic. Love the online $1 auctions too.
I love the affordable shipping charges.
I really love the different ring sizes.
I love Rose Quartz, it's so beautiful. I now have a lot of Rose Quartz thanks for making it affordable. There is no place like the LC.
The prices of Tigers eye is remarkable! Tigers Eye is my mom's favorite! All the jewelry is beautiful on LC.
I received a pair of Golconda Diamond Topaz leverback earrings. I was not expecting the quality and beauty I received for the price I paid. The Topaz stones are amazing, and something I can wear every day. I am thrilled with my purchase. The fact that they are nickel-free and have lever backs is a bonus! I also received these within a couple days of ordering, and I have to say this experience was better than with some of the other shopping networks.
You should call it "Miracle Liquidation Channel!" I was able to buy so much jewelry for myself and family. Thank you so much.
I want everyone to know that LC customer service, personal shoppers and call center agents are truly awesome! Theyrnneed to know we appreciate them very much! They have gone the extra mile!
Personal shoppers are fantastic, very helpful! Customer service agents are super as well!
I received my bracelet I ordered in the mail recently and I love it. I found the same bracelet online "on sale" from another company. But I still saved $100 more at LC than I would with the sale price of that site.
I really love everything that I have ordered from LC
I have been studying crystal therapy for a few years now, and never have I seen such an exotic gems set in jewelry until I stumbled upon your show. I'm glad I did. Gemstones can do so much healing on their own, but when they're set in certain metals, like copper, silver, gold, or even with other gemstones, their effects are enhanced greatly. I am so glad to know about the LC. I will not shop for jewelry or stones anywhere else, ever!
Wow, LC! I just received my almost-8 carat Rhodolite Garnet ring from last Wednesday’s special and I am thrilled! I couldn’t help but stare at it while walking in the sun this morning. It was like sparkly raspberry juice! Thank you for making it affordable for me to have such a treasure.
I would have never had rare gems and jewelry in my collection if it wasn't for LC. Thanks!
Thank you so much for the quality jewelry, and great prices. I have bought several items form your $1 rising auctions, channel, and online catalog. Now two of my friends are shopping at LC and we have gone over 250 shipments of jewelry since joining in Christmas 2012. Also all the items are of wonderful quality. We are going to be loyal LC shoppers.
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